Alarm Protection Services focuses on installing both Commercial and Residential intrusion prevention Security systems for clientele based out of the Coachella Valley. All Security systems are designed to fulfil the customer’s needs upon consultation and equipment is selected to suit the infrastructure of the business or home. 

All Burglary systems are customized to provide full security as well as life protection. Alarm Protection Services has selected quality devices by testing before making it available to our customers to best understand and better assist you with questions that may be presented on the systems. 

Wireless vs Wired:

Honeywell Ademco Vista Series EquipmentAlthough doing the easiest installation may seem like the best thing to do for some companies, at APS, we prefer wired over wireless. Even though it may seem as the most hassle- free way and the idea of not having to spend a long day running wires can be quite convincing, we still believe wired is the way to go. 

The idea of having to go into the attic is not exciting for any one. However, the increase in functionality rate and the idea that our customer will have fewer possible troubles with the system makes it all worth when wiring it. There are a few locations or homes that do not have possibility to be wired 100% which means there will be some exceptions. 

Troubles that are avoided when wiring a sensor are such as: battery replacement once every three years for each sensor, possible tamper signal/fault created when changing batteries, loss of wireless signal to the main unit. Since there are more equipment working off of wireless now than before there are also more troubles that have come along. Wireless signals travel through different frequencies in order to talk to devices of the same brand or nature. Normal household appliances like refrigerators and even higher wattage lighting can cause interference in signal reducing protection to customers. 


Alarm Protection Services has selected three different systems that are adaptable to almost all applications. Depending on the customer’s need, we may install a Honeywell Vista, an Interlogix Networx system or an Elk M1 Gold. 

A Networx panel suits almost all residential or commercial needs. It has great flexibility of growth for larger locations and its hybrid feature allows us to hardwire the system and have the option to install wireless for locations that cannot be wired. The Networx system also allows us to adapt older systems to it to allow for an upgrade. With the help of a communication module we can provide our customers with the Secure Smart app that allows customers to have full management over their system. When the module is present on a system a landline is not needed for the signal to be sent to our central station.


Another option we provide is the Honeywell Vista 20p system. This system is offered for customers who would like to have the basics of the Networx system such as the ability to hardwire and program wireless if necessary. The additional features obtained with this system is the ability to adapt a Honeywell camera system, thermostats, light switches, lamp dimmers and door locks that are controlled through the Total Connect 2.0 app. 


Our Elk M1 Gold system is our top of the line system for those who are wanting to do more than just give protection to your home or business. This system has the ability to program up to 352 zones (windows, doors, motions, glass breaks, smoke detectors, carbon monoxides) and up to 199 different users. This system can be programmed to have a schedule for designated lights through modules such as have lights turn on or off at a certain time of day automatically. The ability for integration is higher than that of the Honeywell Vista and with the ability of having a bit more brand options other than the Elk brand itself.